Techno-economic evaluation of electric energy storage options of Suncor’s wind farms

In recent years, many energy producers have developed wind farms in Alberta due to their economic and environmental advantages. One of the most significant challenges of wind farms is that wind is an intermittent resource that is uncontrollable and difficult to predict. As such, wind developers are looking to develop electric energy storage (EES) systems to store energy when supply exceeds demand, and to generate electricity from stored energy to meet demand when the wind is producing insufficient electricity. Through this research project, Suncor and the intern will consider various EES technology options and evaluate them in the context of Suncor’s operations in an attempt to identify optimal electricity storage solutions to improve the commerciality of wind farms and their ability to provide a consistent power supply. The project will involve market and technical analyses, followed by selecting the most attractive technologies and running profit scenarios to evaluate the potential for increasing revenues in the Alberta electricity market. Social and environmental aspects will also be evaluated.

Faculty Supervisor:

Irene Herremans


Adam Huygen


Suncor Energy Inc.




Alternative energy


University of Calgary



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