Technologies for the Elimination of Used Diapers

The City of Hamilton and McMaster University School of Engineering Practice are developing a proposal for environmentally friendly technologies that will eliminate the need to send the soiled diapers to a landfill. The project will recommend the most effective technologies and estimate the costs of building such a facility. The City has set a goal of diverting 65% of the waste from a landfill to other uses. The residential diversion rate has increased from 20% in 2002 to 40% in 2006. It is noted that the overall diversion rate is 35.7% reflecting waste from industrial, commercial, institutional and municipal sources which is used for the purpose of calculating landfill capacity. In 2007 the diversion rate from landfill reach 40%. Eliminating diaper disposal in a landfill is an important step on the City’s road to sustainable management of waste.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. V. Mahalec


Laura Jewell


City of Hamilton




Environmental industry


McMaster University



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