Technology to improve the quality of life of those with disabilities

The project will focus on the development of computer interfaces, tools and applications that are directed at improving the quality of life and independence of persons with disabilities. The suit of tools under development include; 1) Task management and organizational apps, and journal (record keeping and diary) applications that support individuals with cognitive challenges- including those with brain injuries and those with early stage dementia. 2) A simple and automated Skype interface (“CanConnect) that allows people unfamiliar with, or unable to use computers to connect (via audio and video interaction) with family, friends or caregivers using Skype. 3) A wayfinding and navigation tool (CanGo) that allows users (for example those with cognitive challenges or those with visual impairments) to use the public transit system to travel to and from school, the workplace to or visit friends).

Faculty Supervisor:

Nigel Livingston Livingston






University of Victoria


Globalink Research Internship

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