Temperature measurement in suspension plasma spraying

In plasma spray, coating materials melted by the plasma heat source are sprayed onto a substrate to make a coating layer which can be highly resistance to thermal and mechanical shocks. It is of importance to accurately measure the velocity and temperature of the sprayed coating particles. These characteristics have a great impact on the thermal and mechanical properties of the coating products. Accuraspray diagnostic system produced by TECNAR can measure velocity and temperature of large coating particles, while it needs some improvements for an accurate temperature measurement of smaller coating particles. During this internship, a new design is tested in which some major modifications are applied to make this system reliable for temperature measurement of small coating particles. The benefit for TECNAR is that a new Accuraspray system will be available to the coating industry that can be commercialized worldwide.

Faculty Supervisor:

Christian Moreau


Shahin Amiri



Engineering - mechanical


Aerospace and defense




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