Tensor network characterization of superconducting circuits

Quantum information processing holds the promise of the next revolution in information technologies. Many implementation candidates are still being investigated. One of them is superconducting circuits. Studying quantum systems in general is a computationally difficult task. If one hopes to build scalable and reliable devices, one must resort to approximate numerical design tools. Tensor networks is one such method that has been used extensively in theoretical physics to study condensed matter systems. Our goal is to use tensor networks, which have mainly been used to study “natural” physical systems of many particles, to study the finite size “artificial” quantum systems that are superconducting circuits. More specifically, the goal is to implement a numerical package that performs the relevant calculations and to use it to study large circuits of interest, such as Josephson junction arrays.

Faculty Supervisor:

David Poulin


Guillaume Duclos-Cianci



Visual arts


Information and communications technologies




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