Terahertz metamaterial sensors for monitoring of the insulation material quality – Year Two

A partial discharge is a localized spark that bridges a small portion of the insulation between two conducting electrodes under high voltage. The lifetime of high voltage electronic devices is often determined by the ability of the insulation material to withstand partial discharges, which start within gas voids in solid polymer insulation. A typical monitoring of insulation for voids and cracks requires long measurement times. We proposed a faster technique for monitoring the internal structure of insulation materials for defects by means of terahertz radiation which can penetrate through the material opaque for visible light. We believe that the development of a new insulation material quality imaging technique could significantly reduce the risks of electrocutions and fires caused by insulation breakdowns. The complete sensing system can be commercialized by QPS Photronics and later be used for integration into their devices for material characterization and monitoring.

Faculty Supervisor:

Roberto Morandotti


Andrey Markov


QPS Photronics Inc.


Physics / Astronomy




Université INRS



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