Test package for digital microfluidic electrochemiluminescence assays

Portable medical tests that could be used in the clinic or at the patient’s home significantly reduce the time it takes to get a diagnostic result. To make them portable, miniaturized fluid handling systems are used to control and automate the test procedure. By combining these tests with sensitive detection strategies, we can use small volumes of samples, such as a finger prick of blood. Verv Tec of Sudbury Ontario is developing the next generation of portable medical testing systems and require assistance in developing and optimizing diagnostic tests. The intern will develop microfluidic tools and instrumentation as well as optimized diagnostic tests that Verv Tec can use in future development. These tools will allow Verv Tec to asses different manufacturing strategies for producing test cartridges used by their portable testing device.

Faculty Supervisor:

Bryan Koivisto;Darius Rackus


Allison Bidulock


Verv Technologies




Professional, scientific and technical services


Ryerson University



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