Testing and Inspection Process Capability Improvement for Premium Steel Production

Steel production in a modern steel rolling mill involves many steps. A hot rolling process typically starts from a reheat furnace to heat the cold metal to high temperatures (800 to 1000 C or above) so that the softened metal take different shapes when it is pressed. The end products will be used to make, for instances, automotive parts or will be further processed such as to be welded to make pipes. A steel production system may be operated 24/7 non-stop except for scheduled periods of time for system maintenance, etc. The testing and inspection operations (the focus area of this project) are critical make sure that the quality of the products meets design requirements. If these operations take more time than anticipated, the entire production system can be forced to slow down or even to stop. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

MingYuan Chen


Cesar Rodriguez Gallegos


Ivaco Rolling Mills Ltd


Engineering - mechanical


Advanced manufacturing




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