Textile Traditions on the Great Northern Peninsula: Craft, Creativity, and Life Stages

Textile traditions have for generations been a vibrant part of Newfoundland culture, with a wide range of objects being made to meet the needs of everyday life. This project documents a number of these traditions on the Great Northern Peninsula, looking at how textiles are designed, who makes these objects, and what role they play in the community. Through a series of audio and video interviews,textiles such as rug-hooking, knitting, embroidery, sealskin boot making will be studied. Research on these textiles will provide a basic inventory for the French Shore Historical Society (located in Conche), a resource that will be utilized by the proposed Textile Arts Learning Centre for the region.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Gerald Pocius


Lisa Wilson


Government of Newfoundland & Labrador




Memorial University of Newfoundland



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