THC and CBD ratios in cannabis grown in hydroponic or aquaponic systems

A new era has dawned in the world of cannabis research. After becoming only, the second country in the world to legalize cannabis Canada is now in an ideal position to establish cross country research programs into the world of cannabinoids. The cannabis plant is a cornucopia of chemicals with a very wide range of effects and possible medicinal uses. It is thus essential that peer reviewed research is established to study cannabis. This research project will explore the three most popular methods of growing cannabis (soil, hydroponic, aquaponic) and identify if there are any significant differences in the chemistry of the plants produced by each method. This information will be essential to cultivators, cannabis researchers and medical personnel who have a claim in our growing cannabis industry. The deliverables of our proposed research will inform cannabis cultivators of the best methods for cannabis growth and achieving optimal THC:CBD ratios.

Faculty Supervisor:

Russell Easy


Krystal Orbitsch


Aqualitas Incorporated








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