The Adoption of Electronic Personal Health Records and Ontario Healthcare Practice Environments

The Centre is working with a health industry-funded global start-up company in the Health ICT (Information and Communications Technology) Sector to empirically examine innovationadoption during the implementation of the company's personal health record application into different health systems and practices within Canada. This comprehensive study will enable a detailed examination of the utility and impact of the company's personal health record application in advancing health professional practice, in actively engaging distinct patient or health consumer populations more directly in managing their own health and wellness, and in strengthening the dynamic of the patient-health provider relationship. With key analyses being performed across distinct health care systems and patient-consumer populations, the findings of this project will create and offer to the global start-up company, and the Health ICT Sector more broadly, the evidence of the processes and factors necessary for the adoption of personal health record applications.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Anne Snowdon


Heidi Cramm


Mihealth Global Systems Inc.




Information and communications technologies


Western University



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