The application and validation of predictive models to establish indices of protein quality in companion animal feed ingredients

This project will result in the generation of mathematical models that will predict the quality and sustainability of protein-based ingredients that are commonly used in dog diets. With the projected growth of human and pet populations, and increases in food production necessary to meet growing demands, providing Canadian pet food companies (such as our industry partner, Champion Petfoods) with the ability to rapidly identify ideal protein-based ingredients to select for dog diets based on environmental, financial, and biological sustainability is a top priority.
The primary objective is to develop a functional model of protein quality and sustainability to be used for the evaluation of common protein-containing ingredients found in dog diets. This model will be based on the equivalent model recommended by the Food and Agricultural Organization for use in the human food industry. The secondary objective is to validate this model for use in the pet food industry by way of a minimally invasive animal study using sophisticated techniques that allow for very few animals to be used.

Faculty Supervisor:

Anna Kate Shoveller


James Templeman


Champion Petfoods LP


Animal science



University of Guelph



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