The Barriers and Opportunities for Private Developers Investing in Affordable Housing

The intent of this internship is to examine the barriers and opportunities policies set for the private sector to invest in affordable housing that is attractive to young adults in St. Catharines, Ontario. The rational behind this research stems from the gap in academic literature on young adults and their experiences with affordable housing. Although there is a wealth of knowledge on housing challenges, very little is known about how these challenges are affecting young adults in a Canadian context. Policy planners need to be aware how Canadian cities are evolving, and the grandeur to which they prosper is contingent on a marketplace that is built on private stakeholders and their development sites. By working with Barr and Associates, The intern will help in the implementation of affordable housing plans. The intern will also be able to recommend ways in which St. Catharines can continue to concentrate their growth and build sustainable communities.

Faculty Supervisor:

Markus Moos


Filiz Tamer


Barr and Associates


Urban studies


Construction and infrastructure


University of Waterloo



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