The benefits of hemp protein supplementation during resistance training

Hemp powder is an increasingly popular supplement with body builders. Hemp contains many of the essential building blocks of proteins (i.e. amino acids) and also contains oil helpful to prevent swelling. It may also be beneficial for building muscle mass and increasing bone health. Despite these possible benefits, the effectiveness of hemp powder during a strength training program has never been assessed. Our study will determine the effectiveness of hemp for building strength and muscle mass, preventing inflammation and fatigue, and preventing the breakdown of bone during an 8-week strength training program. We will recruit 40 physically active men and women between the ages of 18-45. Half will be given hemp powder during the training program and compared to half taking soy powder. This research will provide new evidence about hemp benefits and will also allow the partner organization (Naturally Splendid® Enterprises) to increase the market for its hemp-based nutritional supplements.

Faculty Supervisor:

Philip Chilibeck


Mojtaba Kaviani


Naturally Splendid Enterprises






University of Saskatchewan



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