The Biomechanical Differences between the SideStix Crutch and a Traditional Forearm Crutch



Many people with physical disabilities depend on forearm crutches to help them walk. Although forearm crutches are helpful, many people experience overuse injuries as a result of using the forearm crutch. Injuries to the wrists, elbows and shoulders are commonly experienced with long-term use of the forearm crutch. The research project will examine differences between the traditional forearm crutch and a newly developed SideStixä crutch. The SideStixäcrutch has been developed with a spring-like device and rotating footpads. It is hypothesized that the new crutch will effectively change body movement while crutch walking while reducing the impact on the body. SideStixä Ventures Inc. will greatly benefit from this project by understanding how their crutch influences walking and it may reduce overuse injuries. 

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Bonita Sawatzky


Megan MacGillivray


SideStix Ventures Inc.




Medical devices


University of British Columbia



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