The Black Equity in Alberta Rainforest (The B.E.A.R)

Anti-Black racism presents a major barrier in the social participation of African Caribbean Black (ACB) Canadians in civic leadership, arts and culture, and employment, as well as barriers to justice as negative relationships are created between communities and criminal justice systems. Resulting barriers and negative relationships are structural drivers of health inequity. In response, the Black Equity in Alberta Rainforest (B.E.A.R) is being developed as a vast network of key stakeholders to understand root causes of ACB related health inequity. The B.E.A.R is a comprehensive multidisciplinary applied research project to achieve Black related health equity using several innovative approaches to develop sustainable real solutions to systemic barriers to employment, justice and social participation. We believe there are deep lessons to be learned by the Ribbon Rouge Foundation, Alberta, and the world from applying this approach to understanding racialized health inequity.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jan Selman;Erika Goble;Denise Spitzer;Vera Caine;Bukola Salami;Shirley Anne Tate


Lebogang Disele


Ribbon Rouge Foundation




Professional, scientific and technical services


University of Alberta



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