The characterization of therapeutic cells from umbilical cord tissue to determine patient-to-patient variation and correlationof phenotype with therapeutic ability

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) treatment in model systems for wound healing, spinal cord injury and heart disease have demonstrated a greater versus the ‘vehicle’ treated group due to the cells ability to engraft and contribute to new tissue as well as decrease apoptosis and inflammation. All of these properties are associated with superior tissue healing. In this current study are investigating if there are differences in wound healing properties of MSCs from umbilical cord tissue from different donors. This will be important data as more people bank the cells from umbilical cord tissue. Cells banks will need to know if all donor cells have equal healing properties in order to better advise patients banking cells. Our partner, Insception Life Bank, a large cell bank, will use the data from this study to advise people whether the sample they are banking is suitable for use in future treatments regimens.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ian Rogers


Vanessa Raileanu


Insception LifeBank




Life sciences


University of Toronto



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