The control of pathogen infection in Cannabis sativa

The cannabis boom in Canada is reaching a full swing. At the same time, the research on agricultural and medicinal cannabis is still lagging behind. Cannabis is typically grown at high density in the contained environment. Such conditions lead to high pathogen pressure. Fungal pathogens like those causing powdery mildew, grey and white mold result in a significant decrease in yield and sometimes even in a loss of entire crop or a recall of various products. Co-Terra is a Canadian R&D company interested in the development of various applications to control pathogen infection in various organisms, including fish and plants. CoTerra is interested in the development of the efficient control of pathogen infection in cannabis. CoTerra has developed several products for control of pathogen growth and would like to test one of the products, PX10, for the control of pathogen growth in cannabis. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Igor Kovalchuk


Hamed Farahmand


CoTerra Labs Inc






University of Lethbridge



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