The correlation and validation of functional markers and biomarkers for m/sTBIpopulations during simple and complex tasks – Year 1

This project aims to develop and validate markers for adaptive neurological performance therapies for persons with moderate-to severe traumatic brain injury (m/sTBI), with the purpose to further develop clinical paradigms for at-risk populations. In order to accomplish this, we have formed a collaboration between two Universities (Université Laval and McGill University) and two industrial partners (BeamMeUp Inc. (BMU) and Saccade Analytics). This collaboration allows us to combine whole-body movement analysis with BMU’s brain activity measurements (EEG) and Saccade Analytics’ eye-tracking technologies. We will design a protocol in virtual reality and compare the above techniques in healthy and m/sTBI populations. To further elucidate differences between the two populations we will have a series of increasingly complex tasks: joystick navigation and over ground walking in an empty virtual environment, and avoiding virtual pedestrians with different emotional states. Such a task could be very difficult for m/sTBI populations, which have known difficulties in both navigation and recognizing emotions. The project will increase the capacity to deploy BMU’s and Saccade Analytics’ technologies in realistic free movement tasks while adapting to different stages of cognitive impairment. The combined collaboration will help elucidate emotion recognition deficits and validate diagnostic tools with improved bio- and functional markers.

Faculty Supervisor:

Anouk Lamontagne;Bradford McFadyen


Sean Dean Lynch



Physics / Astronomy


Professional, scientific and technical services




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