The Cost-Benefit Analysis of Capacity Building Initiative for Rural Community Health Research in Northern Newfoundland and Coastal Labrador (Rural 360 Project)

Faculty Development Programs (FDPs) are widely well-established through the academic medical centers (AMCs); however, little attention has been paid to rural and remote physicians (RRPs), despite their critical role in addressing the priority health concerns of the communities. In response to this, 6for6 and Rural 360 projects have been introduced by the Memorial University of Newfoundland.
One of the key questions for researchers is how to evaluate the economic impact/value of these projects. Although the cost-benefit analysis (CBA) is well-structured in welfare economics, education, and environment, there is little evidence found to develop a theoretical framework of CBA for FDPs.
The aim of this study is twofold: first, to establish a theoretical framework/tool-set of CBA for research development programs; and second, to assess the advantages (benefits) and cost/saving associated with the rural 360. The possible outcomes would be technical reports, policy reports, and publications/presentations. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Shabnam Asghari


Mehdee Araee


International Grenfell Association




Medical devices




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