The Creative Economy: Vancouver’s Untapped Resource

Vancouver consistently ranks at the top of Richard Florida’s “bohemian” and “creative” indexes. Many of its leading industries, such as film and new media, involve a significant creative component. However, the ‘creative’ sector is difficult to define and much of its activity falls outside of the traditional economy, particularly within certain communities. The grassroots creative sector in Vancouver faces two major problems: poverty and over‐regulation. Artists find it difficult to turn their services into consistent revenue, and generally face an even bigger barrier in finding affordable spaces in which to work or showcase their work. This project will identify any gaps or issues that need to be addressed, particularly with respect to revenue and space (for events, incubators, etc.) and identify opportunities for revenue generation and community engagement from creative activities, and how VEDC can help foster linkages between this sector and the broader economy.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Ginger Grant


Leah Emmott


Vancouver Economic Development Commission





Simon Fraser University



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