The design and evaluation of a wearable technology as an effective tool for promoting early childhood physical literacy development

With childhood obesity and inactivity on the rise at an alarming rate, many government, education, and health agencies are promoting the development of physical literacy to combat this “epidemic.” The concept of childhood physical literacy refers to the development of fundamental movement skills that permit a child to move confidently and with control, in a wide range of physical activities. Wearable technologies have been quickly gaining in popularity, with devices and apps that can track fitness, sleep patterns, mood and even air quality. This project seeks to understand how such wearable technologies can help with the development of physical literacy during early childhood, and promote more kids to become physically active. The results will be used to create multiple wearable prototypes for testing and future commercialization.

Faculty Supervisor:

David Fracchia


Takakazu Fujimoto


SFU Centre for Digital Media




Information and communications technologies




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