The design and implementation of a gamified eHealth movement and mindfulness solution for school-aged children

The online delivery of primary school curriculums may work well for subjects like math and science, but not so well for physical education. Now more than ever, it is crucial that we ensure that children continue to benefit from the countless positive mental and physical health outcomes associated with regular involvement in physical activity. To help keep children moving during this stressful time (i.e., COVID-19), Mitacs is partnering with X Movement to develop an ExerGame Smartphone App that children can use to compete in physical activity and mindfulness challenges against their school friends and family members. We will assess their weekly physical activity habits using FitBits. We are also going to examine if children who use our ExerGame see improvements to their mood and emotional control, resiliency, and life satisfaction. This partnership will help to validate X Movement physical activity and mindfulness programs, while also helping to ignite a child’s love for mindful-movement.

Faculty Supervisor:

Sidney Kennedy


Tian Renton


X Movement






University of Toronto



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