The Development and Implementation of a Cumulative Effects Management System in Metlakatla Territory

The proposed research is the second phase in the development of a strategic resource management system with the Metlakatla First Nation. Metlakatla are developing a cumulative effects management (CEM) program to deal with the combined impacts of numerous major industrial projects proposed in Metlakatla traditional territory on British Columbia’s North Coast. Phase 1 of the of the CEM program focused on identifying and assessing the condition of high-priority Metlakatla valued components (e.g., butter clams, housing supply). The present research proposal focuses on the critical next phase in the Metlakatla CEM program: developing, implementing and evaluating an ongoing monitoring and management system for these priority valued components. The community-based monitoring program will be linked to tiered management strategies designed to maintain or improve the status of valued components. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Thomas Gunton


Katerina Kwon


Metlakatla Development Corporation


Environmental sciences


Natural resources




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