The development of monoclonal antibodies for early diagnosis and therapeutic application in Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common neurodegenerative disorder. The recent immunotherapy brings the hope of treating AD as suggested by several preclinical studies. This project first aims to develop a humanized monoclonal antibody to target the molecules involved in generating a toxic protein of AD, named amyloid ?, and test the application of this antibody in treating AD model mice. In addition, early diagnosis of AD is of great need to achieve the maximal effectiveness of beneficial treatments. Therefore, this project will also focus on the development of two pairs of rabbit monoclonal antibodies and explore their potential to use as tools for detecting blood-derived biomarks in AD. The partner company, Artron Bioresearch Inc., will share the copyright or patents regarding antibody development. The leading-edge knowledge and related techniques in studying AD from our research team will benefit their research and development for future products in neurodegenerative disorders.

Faculty Supervisor:

Weihong Song


Juelu Wang


Artron Bioresearch




Life sciences




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