The development of single-cell RNA-sequencing methods for identification of biomarkers and therapeutic targets in leukemic stem cells

Targeted cancer therapies have significantly improved the treatment of leukemias, but emergence of treatment resistance and subsequent cancer relapse significantly reduces patient survival. This relapse is primarily caused by the inability of current therapies to eradicate leukemic stem cells. It is currently extremely challenging to study these stem cells, due to its rarity in patient blood samples. This project aims to develop new methods, in collaboration with Applied Biological Materials (ABM) Inc, to isolate leukemic stem cells from drug-resistant patients and to identify signature genes at the single cell level. The development of novel and marketable advanced next-generation sequencing methodologies will greatly benefit ABM, who themselves have recently established these sequencing platforms. In addition, this study will hopefully discover new predictive biomarkers and therapeutic targets for the development of improved therapies for patients with drug-resistant leukemias.

Faculty Supervisor:

Xiaoyan Jiang


Jiechuang Su


Applied Biological Materials








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