The Developmental Health of Children and Youth participating in Out-of-School Programs

In order to grow into healthy, successful adults, children need environments that support their physical and mental health, engage them in learning, and help them to develop social skills. Out-of-school programs are one kind of support that can help shape children’s futures in a positive way. Out-of-school programs are provided outside of regular school hours with the goal of supporting healthy behaviours, boosting school performance, making relationships stronger, and otherwise helping children to fulfill their potential.
The Boys and Girls Clubs of Winnipeg (BGCW) provide out-of-school programs for children and youth in Winnipeg. Although BGCW have been operating for many years, their programs have never been evaluated to see whether children who participate have better outcomes than children who do not participate.
This project will look at whether children and youth who attend BGCW’s programs:
– have better physical/mental health;
– have fewer teen pregnancies or suicide attempts;
– perform better in school and are more likely to graduate high school;
– are more likely to avoid being involved with any criminal; and
– are less likely to need income assistance as adults,
compared to children and youth who do not attend these programs.

Faculty Supervisor:

Marni Brownell


Jennifer Enns


Boys and Girls Clubs of Winnipeg




Management of companies and enterprises




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