The digital e-commerce logistics and supply chains management using block chain technologies

E-commerce has become one major marketing channel for many firms in Canada and world-wide and has increased dramatically in recent years. As firms migrate from traditional physical retail channels to combined physical and virtual channels, the shift brings new significant challenges to supply chain and logistics management. Blockchain is able to maintain authoritative records in a fully decentralized, secure, and trustless manner and far-reaching implications in supply chain management. Blockchain technology will revolutionize several aspects of supply chains; financial and non-financial. However, it will also face security, legal, regulatory and technological challenges. In this project we will study how to apply block chain technologies to e-commerce supply chain and logistics to improve traceability, security, and coordination.

Faculty Supervisor:

Guoqing Zhang


Guoqing Yang


FA Enterprise System Inc.


Engineering - mechanical


Information and cultural industries


University of Windsor


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