The Economic and Social Impact of Non-Motorized Outdoor Activity in Public Spaces in Alberta

The purpose of this research is to create a model for evaluating the socio-economic contributions of human-powered outdoor activities to Alberta.
This model will be used to help inform/educate policy makers at the municipal and provincial level to influence debate around the use, management and the allocation of government resources to public spaces.
The Alberta Minister of Environment and Parks has requested this research, to ensure that organizations representing non-motorized outdoor activity in public spaces and on Crown lands receive equal representation and provide a more robust input into the policy making process governing land use.
The absence of this group from discussion tables of such policies, has allowed more organized groups, particularly motorized groups, to gain a less regulated access public spaces and resources.
After studying prior research on this topic, an Alberta specific model will be created. Data gathered from representatives, stakeholders and the outcome will be quantitative and qualitative analysis and benefits of non-motorized recreation.

Faculty Supervisor:

Irene Herremans


Sameer Moghe


Outdoor Council of Canada




Medical devices


University of Calgary



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