The Effect of a Gait Modification Program on Impact Loading and Injury Rates among Runners

The proposed research project aims to investigate the effect overstriding of running gait modification during running has on the incidence of running-related injuries. A comparison of key variables will be performed on an instrumented treadmill and overground. Correlation between overstriding and other biomechanical and muscle activationkinematic and spatiotemporal variables with kinetic and injury incidence outcomes will be measured and a gait retraining program will be developed and implemented to address these known injury risk factors. The retention of these changes will be assessed over the long term. Fortius Institute, Inc. will benefit from this partnership by gaining an evidence-based gait retraining program that can be used by the organization as a revenue-generating service. Fortius will also benefit by establishing a partnership with the University of British Columbia, and specifically the Department of Physical Therapy.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Michael Hunt


Christopher Napier


Fortius Institute Inc.




Sports and recreation


University of British Columbia



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