The effect of bovine colostrum supplementation on fitness, muscle mass, inflammation and immune function during intense training in rugby players

Bovine colostrum is the milk produced by cows immediately after calving. It contains high levels of proteins that improve immune protection and may act to prevent colds. During intense training, athletes often have compromised immune function. This may be especially true in club-level rugby players who abruptly start high intensity training in the spring in preparation for their competitive season. Our study will assess the effects of supplementing these players with bovine colostrum during this intense training. Thirty-six players will be recruited; half will consume colostrum during the 8 weeks of early-season training and half soy protein. We predict the bovine colostrum supplement will improve health during the training and increase fitness levels. The Saskatoon Colostrum Co. Ltd. is a leading producer of bovine colostrum supplement. This study will provide needed evidence for promotional material for marketing.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Philip Chilibeck


Eliran Mizelman


Saskatoon Colostrum Co. Ltd.






University of Saskatchewan



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