The effect of changes in the design of a debris-flow barrier on sediment transport and deposition during large floods and debris flows: A physical model of Cheekye River

The project will study the effects of large debris flows in the Cheekye River using simple and low cost physical models, which could be used to study a wide range of problems in geomorphology and river engineering in the future. Here, we will test their performance and write guidelines for their application in BGC’s steep creek assessments. We will also model sedimentation processes upstream of a potential barrier for debris flow mitigation and, although our main interest will be in the Cheekye case, our results will increase BGC’s understanding of problems that are important in their day to day assessments. For example, we will learn about the deposition angle (or profile) upstream of an obstacle, which influences the height needed for an efficient structure in terms of costs and risk prevention.

Faculty Supervisor:

Brett Eaton


Maria Alejandra Elgueta Astaburuaga


BGC Engineering Inc


Geography / Geology / Earth science


Natural resources




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