The effect of head injury on cardiovascular and postural controls

Approximately 1.7 million people sustain a head injury each year in the United States alone, and the associated costs exceed $60 billion annually. One of the most common symptoms of a head injury is decreased postural control that may be associated with changes in heart rate and blood pressure which may lead to syncope (fainting), pre-syncope, or falls and re-injury. In order to minimize the risk of re-injury and facilitate healing, further study is required to understand how the cardiovascular and postural control systems interact and how this relationship is affected after a head injury. We will conduct a study to compare how the posture control and cardiovascular systems interact in three different groups (healthy individuals, recent head injury, and post-concussion syndrome) and respond to a sit-to-stand test. The results from this study will be used at NeuroKinetics Health Services Inc. to improve assessment and treatment methods for head-injured patients and disseminated throughout the healthcare community.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Andrew P. Blaber


Dr. Andrew P. Blaber


NeuroKinetics Health Services (BC) Inc.




Life sciences


Simon Fraser University



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