The effect of peer-to-peer video modeling (VM) on socialization and physical literacy in individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

According to literature, individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can imitate movements since they have learned many social, vocational, speech, and academic skills. However, motor skill deficiency has been mentioned as one of the contributing factors to social isolation, reducing opportunities for people with ASD to be connected to society and peers. Improving motor skills increases their confidence to participate in social interactions. This research project has two aims: (1) to teach fundamental motor skills through video- modeling with tablet technology and (2) to encourage socialization where participants with ASD interact and discuss their performances with peers with ASD through peer-to-peer learning using a structured format. The Asperger Autism Friendship Society (AAFS) provides support to a large Autism population in Calgary. This project will provide support for a research-based program that will increase the validity of various kinds of interventions, attract more clients to be a part of intervention programs, and increase the social skills and physical literacy of persons with ASD.

Faculty Supervisor:

Larry Katz


Homa Rafiei Milajerdi


Autism Aspergers Friendship Society of Calgary




Health care and social assistance


University of Calgary



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