The Effect of Plant Condition on Bumble Bee Pollination in Greenhouse Tomato

The intern will collaborate with MGS Horticultural, a major supplier of fertilizer and pest management controls, to study the relationship between scent and pollination success in commercial greenhouses. Previous (unpublished) research has suggested that scent is an integral component of pollination in greenhouse tomato, and that scent can be affected by growth conditions within a greenhouse. The research proposed will attempt to not only confirm this, but use it in developing a course of action for tomato crops which are experiencing a deficit of pollination. With the assistance of MGS, the intern will collect scent from commercial tomato greenhouses and attempt to confirm that pollination of greenhouse tomato is truly dependant on tomato scent. If successful, MGS horticultural would benefit through being better able to advise their customers on what they can do to encourage pollination in their greenhouse tomato crops.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Peter Kevan


Andrew Morse


MGS Horticultural Inc.






University of Guelph



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