The effects of a step-wise exercise regime and dietary soluble fiber intake on behaviour and welfare, gut health, and metabolism in mid-distance training sled dogs

Regular exercise has also been associated with positive effects on the health and mood of dogs, although extreme exertion, such as that experienced by sporting dogs, can lead to activity-related injuries and a reduction in welfare. Sporting dogs commonly experience gastrointestinal upset, but trainers tend to not recognize the importance of dietary fiber to support gut health. Moreover, while physical activity is viewed as an essential part of a dog’s physiological and psychological welfare, research on basic topic of how behavior and welfare may be influenced by the amount or intensity or exercise is sparse. Our primary objective is to evaluate the effects of a carefully controlled step-wise exercise regime and a specially designed bled of dietary fibers on the behaviour, welfare, exercise performance, gut health, and metabolism of client owned sled dogs preparing for their competitive racing seasons.

Faculty Supervisor:

Anna Kate Shoveller


James Templeman


Champion Petfoods LP


Animal science






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