The Effects of Altering Wait List Policies to the Patient Flow of Alternate Level of Care Patients


This project will be addressing the long-wait times that Alternate Level of Care (ALC) patients endure to go to another facility when they no longer require acute services but require another form of care. A simulation model will be produced to show the flow of the patients from surgery exiting the acute-care facility. The model will be based off of the patient flow process and historical data at Toronto General Hospital. The simulation will be altered to change the policies the hospital situates onto ALC patients such as how many facilities they are allowed to pick. The sponsoring organization, Visual8, produces the simulation software Simul8 that will be used in this research project. The organization will benefit from being involved in the project because they want to create a product specific for the healthcare experience. Being involved with the project will provide the company with feedback on how their product can be changed to be adapted to the health care environment.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Dionne Aleman and Dr David Urbach


Lata Grover


Visual8 Corporation


Engineering - mechanical


Life sciences


University of Toronto



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