The effects of COVID-19 on inequality in Canada and abroad

The world is facing a global pandemic as COVID-19 disrupts and transforms the lives of those everywhere. It comes as no surprise that the closure of non-essential services to slow the spread of COVID-19 has devastated the economy and severely impacted the well-being of many. As the reality of COVID-19 begins to set, questions of who will bear the burden and how this will impact economic inequality arise.
This research explores the economic impacts of COVID-19 in Canada and abroad. Particular attention is given to vulnerable groups (for example, women, single parent families, visible minorities/racialized persons and those suffering from homelessness). As groups overrepresented in poverty rates, unemployment rates, and low-waged work prior to the pandemic, our research provides a critical examination of the ripple effect of COVID-19 and the looming recession on these vulnerable communities.

Faculty Supervisor:

Brenda Spotton Visano


Grace Barakat


Islamic Relief Canada




Other services (except public administration)


York University



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