The effects of One to Zero Technique on neural function, health and well-being

The one-to-Zero (OTZ) Tension Adjustment is a chiropractic technique which corrects articular dysfunction of the articulation between the skull and the top vertebrae of the neck, also called the atlas. The goal of this study is to determine whether correcting dysfunction using OTZ affects brain processes and overall health and well-being. Participants will complete questionnaires relating to health and well-being before and after treatment. Researchers will also measure neck, arm and leg muscle strength, heart rate variability, and awareness of head position in 3D space, twice before treatment begins and at the completion of treatment. This study will help researchers to understand more about how altered sensory input from the neck muscles impacts overall health and performance. It will help Dr. McCord’s practice by providing evidence of the impact of OTZ on health.

Faculty Supervisor:

Bernadette Murphy


Rufeyda Cosgun


Total Body Chiropractic and Wellness Clinic




Medical devices




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