The Effects Of Road Reclamation Method On Woodland Caribou And Other Boreal Species

This study will examine the relationship between reclamation methods and when deactivated roads become suitable for caribou, using developing UAV technology to monitor caribou while testing UAV effectiveness in the field. This will be done by establishing long-term cameras along reclaimed road sites, monitoring wildlife movement through the study areas and by completing aerial wildlife surveys with UAVs and different sensors to establish a baseline count of the animals within the area and aid in tracking their movements. Various stages of recovery will help develop chronological sequences of events, measuring the time between reclamation, the rate and quality of forest recovery and the activities of different wildlife species. This is important in protecting forest biodiversity and to look for more effective and efficient ways to regenerate the forests after harvest; adding to the knowledge of interspecies dynamics and how human induced forest disturbance affects the long-term ecology of boreal ecosystems.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ulf Runesson


Ryan Wilkie


Resolute Forest Products Canada Inc.


Resources and environmental management




Lakehead University



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