The effects of X-Act Compression garments technology on muscle fatigue, active and passive joint torque and performance

There are many compression garment products on the market claiming to improve some aspect of performance, however their claims are not validated with empirical data. In fact, current literature regarding the benefits of compression garments on cardiovascular and biomechanical performance is controversial; with many results suggesting non-significant or even negative effects provided by the compression garment. Per4ma Sports Technology has designed and developed their own line of compression garments with a unique arrangement of elastic support, intended to provide targeted compression and facilitate movements while applying restrictions at potentially damaging end ranges of motion. The objective of this research project is to evaluate the benefits of the Per4ma compression garments on biomechanical and cardiovascular variables when compared to either a control and/or market-leading compression product. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Benno Nigg


Chris Lam


Per4ma Sports Technology Ltd




Medical devices




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