The enhanced use of numerical methods for reservoir description using well test and production data

Many reservoir engineering studies are based on simplified equations to analyze the production data. However, in many situations such as shale gas reservoirs, these approaches cannot provide the accurate results in presence of non-homogeneous complexities. This project is aimed to use numerical simulation and novel workflows to tackle the limitations of the current analytical methods. These studies are performed using a state-of-the-art reservoir simulation (tNavigator by Rock Flow Dynamics). Some real cases are also considered during this internship period and the applications of the proposed workflows are examined. This internship not only helps me be in close contact with industry, but also helps develop my ideas in close interaction with academia. This is exemplified by analyzing the production data of an unconventional gas well in the Montney Formation in Canada. The participating company will benefit from my research to get a better understanding of some particular issues in building representative reservoir models to improve their software functionalities dealing with building, interpreting and updating complex reservoir models.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mario Costa Sousa


Hamidreza Hamdi


Rock Flow Dynamics Inc


Computer science


Environmental industry


University of Calgary



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