The G.I.F.T (Girls Incredible Football Team) Project

Over the past decade, Jamaica has been described as having an increasingly high rate of violence, of which sexual violence against young people (mostly girls) is a “silent emergency”. Community activists and researchers addressing the issue of sexual violence within Jamaica posit that the culture of silence is a main contributor to the continued perpetuation of this atrocity. Sport is a conduit that addresses violence and encourages social inclusion and peacebuilding globally. Since the United Nations declared 2005 as the year of sport and physical education, researchers and agencies worldwide started to consider tangible ways to delivery sport as a vehicle for change. Using a participatory community action research sport for peace model, this research project seeks to explore the experiences and impact of coaches as mentors who encourage positive youth development and peace within communities where sexual violence directed at girls is prevalent. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Leisha Strachan


Michele Lemonius


BreakingNew Consulting Inc


Visual arts






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