The Geography of Capacity–An Analysis of Individual, Organizational and Community Needs and Resources in Three Communities in Canada

This research presents a conceptual model of the geography of capacity and explores, through a small-scale study, the experiences of capacity across the nonprofit sector at the individual, organizational and community level in three different locales in Canada. By identifying the varied nonprofit capacity needs in different socio-economic and geographic locations, and by examining how organizations and communities understand these needs and strategize to identify resources, this research contributes to the discourse on the geography of nonprofits, infrastructure organizations and service provision. It challenges the dominant assumption that all agents within the nonprofit sector have equal access to resources, knowledge and ultimately the power needed to achieve outcomes. This study problematizes the capacity needs of the sector and corresponding infrastructure supports provided through the lens of socio-economic and geographic difference. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Susan Phillips


Megan Conway


Capacity Canada


Public administration


Management of companies and enterprises




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