The Great River Rapport

The Great River Rapport is an initiative that involves collaboration, consultation, and input from scientists, Indigenous partners, citizens and students. The goal is to provide a report on the health of the Upper St. Lawrence River ecosystem and inspire people to become engaged and aware of how ecosystem health is linked to all of us. Through public workshops, presentations, and online surveys, citizens and students will share their concerns and questions about the health of the river, and River Institute scientists and academic partners will use the public feedback to establish themes, compile scientific data, and identify ecological indicators that define the health of the ecosystem. This process will also reveal environmental trends, predict future impacts, and help identify needs for future research. Outcomes will include a Technical Report and an interactive online space with stories, Indigenous Knowledge, pictures, videos, and educational messages that reflect the concerns of the community.

Faculty Supervisor:

Frances Pick


Mary Ann Christine Perron


St. Lawrence River Institute of Environmental Sciences




Professional, scientific and technical services


University of Ottawa



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