The Guelph Civic Accelerator

This project will evaluate the Civic Accelerator program in Guelph and research key features of the program. The Civic Accelerator is an innovative approach to economic development, using public sector procurement and challenge competitions to support “civic tech” entrepreneurs, startups, students and companies. This project will support the on-going development of the Civic Accelerator program in Guelph as well as adoption of the model more broadly. Specifically, this project will look at how topics for the challenges are identified, how the participating businesses are supported, how ideas are evaluated in the “challenge” and alternative ways in which the program could be delivered. Answers to these questions will directly inform future iterations of the Accelerator in Guelph as well as CODX’s efforts to seed “Open Data Innovation Challenges” in municipalities across Canada.

Faculty Supervisor:

Harry Cummings


Josephine Bamanya


Canadian Open Data Exchange


Environmental sciences


Management of companies and enterprises




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