The Health and Safety of Children Living in Marijuana Grow-Operations

Marijuana grow-operations are an increasing phenomenon in BC and of concern are the children who are found to be living in these dangerous and toxic environments. This study, in partnership with the BC Mental Health and Addictions Research Network and the BC Child and Youth Health Research Network as well as the BC Ministry of Children and Family Development, will build upon the intern’s extensive experience in the field of child protection and her decade-long commitment to working with these children to ensure their safety from the hazards that indoor marijuana grow-operations present. Using secondary-source data, this project will examine the health and safety of the children found living in marijuana grow-operations, the outcomes for these children and parents and the role that child welfare professionals have in this evolving problem. A policy analysis and examination of the alternate approaches considered by other jurisdictions to address the problem will round out the final report.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Richard Sullivan


Janet Douglas


BC Ministry of Children and Family Development


Social work



University of British Columbia



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