The Healthy Body Scorecard: A new health screening tool for Canadian

Building off of the original Healthy Bodies Scorecard project, this research aims to test the newly developed Healthy Body Scorecard tool and provide evidence of its usefulness. We will distribute the draft of the scorecard along with a feedback questionnaire for health care practitioners (HCP’s) targeting those who work with typically developing children as well as those with experience working with children with disabilities. We also intend to develop an “at home” version of the scorecard based of the original that could potentially be used by parents or youth either prior to an appointment with their HCP or as a means to increase the frequency of data collection by the HCP for the purpose of monitoring. We will test the scorecard and seek feedback from parents through a second survey that will ask what components of the current scorecard they would be willing to fill out in an “at home” version of the scorecard. We will conduct focus groups or interviews with a selection of participants from both the HCP’s and the parents who participated in the surveys in order to gain in-depth feedback. This project is of benefit to the Sandbox Project as it directly addresses the stated goals of the organization and its partners, specifically, this project represents an actionable outcome for the Growing Healthy Bodies Working Group in their goal to help Canada become the healthiest place in the world for children to develop.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Amy McPherson


Ian Patton


Sandbox Project




Life sciences


University of Toronto



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