The Identification of Development Opportunities Involving Historic Properties

The research will analyze and investigate the range of development opportunities in historic buildings within a two hour radius of Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario that have become vacant in the last few years as a result of economic and social restructuring. It will help to preserve sites of cultural significance in the province which is in support of a number of principles in the Ontario Heritage Act (2005). Some possible research questions are: should municipalities have special policies for these buildings? What role can Municipal Heritage Committees play in promoting these developments? How can the Heritage Places Initiative at the Federal and Provincial level develop a program to better facilitate these projects? The research will provide the JG Group, an group of companies that provide creative design, management, and construction services for building projects, with a target list of suitable buildings in various communities in Southern Ontario where they could bring their expertise (adaptive reuse) to develop profitable projects. The JG Group could also act as brokers in putting together feasible projects and partnering to develop these vacant commercial and industrial sites.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Robert Shipley


Copeland A. Stupart


JG Group of Companies


Urban studies



University of Waterloo



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