The impact of a serious mobile video game on girls’ perceptions, attitudes and behaviors about global water issues and education

We want to learn about the video game “Get Water!” at the Linden School for Girls in Toronto with students between the ages of 10 – 14, from their perspective. This research will involve their teachers and parents as co-researchers who will be asked to keep a journal for two weeks about anything the girls may say directly about the game, or about global water issues or girls education, or anything the girls may do in relation to the game or water issues, for example research on the internet about water or girls education. We are interested in parental response, as well as their daughters response to the game and we are wondering about the potential for social impact of the game. By social impact we wonder whether the game affects attitudes, perceptions or behaviours in relation to water issues and/or girls’ education, or games in general, or do the participants simply think of the game as just a game? Can the game be used as a tool to raise awareness in young Canadian girls about global water issues and the effects on girls’ education?

Faculty Supervisor:

Bart Simon


Renee Jackson


Decode Global




Digital media


Concordia University



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